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Privacy Policy

Who do we contact? only contacts individuals who specifically request that we do so or have purchased one of our products.

What information do we collect?

We collect information as follows:

1. Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

* name, postal address, phone, business information, and credit card information - provided by you when purchasing our products.

All such information is strictly protected and used only for delivering the products the user has purchased. This information is NEVER used for other purposes and is NEVER shared with 3rd parties.

2. Anonymous Usage History (non PII)

This information is strictly limited to the history of activities that the user engaged in while on our site. it does NOT include any personally identifiable information (PII).

For example, the string "sub+customer" in a cookie (see "cookies" below for what cookies are) might indicate that you are a previous visitor/customer.

The purpose of this information is to improve your experience on our site.

There is a small subset of this history that we use with 3rd parties, such as Google, for the purpose of measuring and improving the efficacy of advertising campaigns.

Some of these third parties, aggregate such information across many websites. This allows them to identify users who are more likely to be interested in specific offerings like fashion, sports, education and so on.

As an Internet user, you may experience the results of such aggregation by noticing how the ads displayed on sites you visit better match your interests (the optimistic scenario), or at least more closely match a website that you recently visited.

At this time you are not able to opt out but we will adopt some form of "opt out" capability in the future if the industry or governments allow it.

How do I contact you?

You can write to us at the address on the bottom of this page, call us, or please visit our customer support page by clicking Here

What are cookies/clear GIFs and how do we use them?

Cookies: Like many other commercial sites, our site utilizes standard technologies called "cookies" and clear GIFs to collect information about how our Site is used. A cookie is a small data text file, which a website stores on your computer's hard drive (if your web browser permits) that can later be retrieved to identify you to us. Cookies were designed to help a website recognize a user's browser as a previous visitor and thus save and remember any preferences that may have been set while the user was browsing the site. A cookie cannot be read by a website other than the one that set the cookie. A cookie cannot pass on a computer virus or capture any of the Personally Identifiable information.

Clear GIFs: At times, we work with third-party service partners that employ clear GIFs (also known as pixel tags, single pixel GIFs, web beacons or action tags) for our benefit to help us measure advertising effectiveness. Clear GIFs are tiny graphics with a unique identifier, similar in function to cookies, and are used to track the online movements of our users. The main difference between the two is that clear GIFs are invisible on the page and are much smaller, about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. Clear GIFs are not tied to your Personally Identifiable Information and only track the visitor traffic and behavior to and on our Site.

Clear GIFs can "work with" existing cookies on a computer if they are both from the same website or advertising company. That means, for example, to show the past online behavior for that computer. This collected information can be shared with the advertising company. We do, at times, provide such information to our third-party advertising service partners, but that information never includes personally identifiable information.

How do we store your information?

Your information is stored on our secure server in an encrypted database. Your information can only be accessed by those who help manage your order to process and deliver your product. Although we use industry standard encryption and security to guard your data and remove it when the services are complete, you agree to hold GST HST inc and its employees, officers, subsidaries, contractors and contracted providers harmless and waive any right to damages of any kind due to a data breech.


This policy may be changed at any time at's discretion. If we should update this policy, we will post the updates to this page on our Website. This policy was revised Oct 10, 2015.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy please contact us with the contact form on our site or you may also write us at:
1730 St. Laurent Blvd, Suite 800
Ottawa, ON K1G 5L1
(800) 687-1383